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July 2020
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Ag shell 250µm on alumina microbeads

February 2020
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Pd shell 470µm on zirconia extrudates

February 2020
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Ir shell 210µm



                      17th International Congress on Catalysis - San Diego:
                      PDF-download: Catalytic Conversion of Biorenewable Sugar Feedstocks into Market Chemicals

                      ACS Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting:
                      PDF-download: Synthesis of Core-Shell Catalysts

                      14th International Conference on Chemistry and Heterogeneous Catalysis - Paris:
                      PDF-download: High Surface Area Metal Oxides by Two-Phase Sol-Gel of Non-Alkoxide Precursors

                      AIChE Annual Meeting 2020 - San Francisco:
                      PDF-download: High Throughput Development of High Crush Strength Extrudates

                      International Conference on Chemistry & Catalysis 2020 - Prague:
                      PDF-download: Synthesis of Ag Shell Catalysts by Incipient Wetness Impregnation

                      5th International Symposium on Plasmas for Catalysis and Energy Materials - Liverpool:
                      PDF-download: High Throughput Workflows for the Synthesis of Mixed Metal Oxides

                      Alvacat Company Profile:
                      PDF-download: Alvacat Flyer

                      Joint Development Proposal on Catalytic Combustion:
                      PDF-download: Catalytic Combustion

                      Alvacat Company Profile - Battery Materials:
                      PDF-download: Alvacat Flyer Battery

                      Global Conference on Catalysis and Applied Chemical Engineering - Dubai:
                      PDF-download: New Approach for Highly Active Hydrogenation Catalysts

                      Product Data Sheet: Pt shell catalyst on alumina microbeads:
                      PDF-download: AlvaPlat-0.1

                      Product Data Sheet: Pt shell catalyst on alumina microbeads:
                      PDF-download: AlvaPlat-1.0

                      Product Data Sheet: Pt shell catalyst on alumina microbeads:
                      PDF-download: AlvaPlat-2.0

                      Product Data Sheet: Zirconia Extrudates:
                      PDF-download: AlvaEx-Zir 1.6

                      Product Data Sheet: Zirconia Extrudates:
                      PDF-download: AlvaEx-Zir 3.0

                      Product Data Sheet: Alumina Extrudates:
                      PDF-download: AlvaEx-Al 1.0

                      Alvacat Product Portfolio: Catalysts and Carriers:
                      PDF-download: Alvacat General Catalogue - Catalysts and Carriers

                      Alvacat Product Portfolio: Performance Materials:
                      PDF-download: Alvacat General Catalogue - Performance Materials

                      Product Data Sheet: Bimetallic Pt-Pd shell catalyst on alumina microbeads:
                      PDF-download: AlvaBimet Pt 0.2 - Pd 0.6

                      Product Data Sheet: Perovskites:
                      PDF-download: AlvaPerov-Fe

                      Product Data Sheet: Zn-spinel:
                      PDF-download: AlvaSpinel-Zn

                      Product Data Sheet: Phosphor:
                      PDF-download: AlvaPhosphor - Sr2CeO4

                      Alvacat Company Profile - Performance Materials:
                      PDF-download: Alvacat Flyer Performance Materials

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